Adopt A Tree - DANNEMANN

The Idea

Adopt a tree - The rainforest rescue

In 2001, we launched the generation-spanning "Adopt a Tree" project in the Mata Fina region of Bahia (Brazil), the area in which DANNEMANN operations originally began.

The project goal is to give something lasting back to the unique nature of the Mata Fina region - in line with our core value "responsibility towards the origin of tobacco".

The Mata Fina region is currently one of the most endangered areas in all of Brazil. Centuries of deforestation and exploitation by man has inflicted dramatic damage on the Mata Fina ecosystem and has destroyed all but around 5% of the tropical rainforest.

Thanks to our adopt-a-tree initiatives, we plant a large number of seedlings every year, thereby helping to reforest the Mata Fina region.